Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church,

I want to update you on Session’s decision for worship in April.  As you are probably aware, Governor Northam has banned for 30 days meetings of 10 people or more.  This band would extend beyond Sunday, April 19.  I am sad to say but certainly support Session’s decision canceling worship in the sanctuary for the first three Sundays in April.  Sadly, this means that we will not worship together in the Chapel or Sanctuary on Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday.  However, we will worship together as a congregation, but we will be worshipping together online.  We are racing to get the equipment and knowledge for making a video recording of our worship each week and to upload it on Youtube.  You would simply go to our website and click on a link taking you to the service.  Optimistically, we hope to make a video recording for this Sunday’s service.  If we run out of time making all the arrangements, we will have an audio of our service available.  I will send out an email on Friday with more information.

I also want you to know that your staff is working diligently to continue leading the ministry of this church in our isolated world.  Carla and Brittany are assisting in the effort to get the equipment and a plan for our virtual online service of worship.  Lyndsey is holding virtual Bible studies and Youth Group meetings with our teens.  Jacqui is sending out videos and other creative ideas online for our children, and she has made multiple phone calls to our seniors. Randy spent the day handing out food from our Food Pantry.  David Kunkel has been working, preparing a plan for music to be a part of our online worship, and Antoinette will be playing the piano in our worship.  Ivy has been faithfully coming in everyday paying our bills, and Kerry is working on several building projects. 

Please know that we want to be there for you for any pastoral concerns or needs that you may have.  We will be checking messages regularly that are left on Brittany’s voicemail.  Call the church (757)428-6332 and leave a message on extension #222.

Finally, please remember that we, as a church, still have financial commitments to many outreach ministries, we still have to pay our bills and provide for our faithful staff.  If your financial situation has changed, please call Ivy (extension #224) and let her know if you need to adjust your pledge.  Otherwise, please send in your pledge and regular offerings online, arrange a bank draft, or mail in a check.  Thank you for your faithful giving.

In Christ’s Service,

David Cagle

Interim Pastor