The Session (the governing board) appoints committees, task forces, and other entities as needed to carry out its responsibilities. Find out more information on all the committees at First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach by clicking on the + icon next to each committee’s name for more details and contact information.

Admin and Finance provides advice to session for the management and acquisition of financial assets and liabilities to ensure maximum economy and efficiency is achieved. Prudent management of endowment funds enables the affording of capital repairs and replacement.

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The CCC provides an umbrella for several sub-committees including FPCares, Mentors for New Members and TLC, led by volunteers willing to share time and talents to serve our faith community. We celebrate the beginnings and the endings of life and much that happens in between.

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The Fellowship Ministry plans and organizes events that help our members get to know each other better and feel more connected to our church’s community of faith. Examples of events include special dinners, Maundy Thursday and Advent dinners, Kirk Night and Lenten studies, and other opportunities such as picnics as well as co-sponsored events like our annual Valentine’s Day Senior Luncheon.

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Welcome to the First Presbyterian neighborhood! Our neighbors team reaches out to our home bound and mobility challenged members on a monthly basis as a friend and neighbor sometimes taking them flowers and cards from the congregation, or just to make a friendly visit. Each neighbor receives a few names of people we’d like to create genuine connections with.

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First Presbyterian Church’s Property and Maintenance committee is made up of talented volunteers who have a background in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, building construction and oversee the new construction and perpetual maintenance of the church campus. Property and Maintenance addresses day-to-day issues regarding FPC operations, facilities maintenance, facility improvements + refurbishments, as well new construction which continue to allow our church buildings and grounds to operate at the highest level possible.

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The Stewardship Committee communicates the many ways in which the people of First Presbyterian give the gifts of their time, money, and talents to the life of the community. Each year we manage the giving campaign which allows people to know the needs of the church and the impact we have had.

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Worship and Music focuses on special services throughout the year such as Pentecost, Easter, Christmas, the Animal Blessing and more. People with talents in liturgical setup, ushering, security, music, and more come together to plan and carry out the needs of our more unique worship opportunities offered here at First Presbyterian.

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The Membership Committee is a new committee at FPC that is focusing on both our existing membership and potential members. They ponder questions such as ‘how can we better serve our members? how can we better welcome visitors? how do we help new members plug in and connect?’ If you are interested in these types of questions, come join us!

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The Media and Communications Committee is a new committee at FPC, and was formed to help us make the best use of our media tools, such as streaming worship services, social media, our church communications tool Realm, and more. If you have expertise or interest in any of these areas, come join the work!

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