WOW  Wonders of Worship

Let’s Hoop it Up for Wonders of Worship! Hey kids, let’s hoop it up beginning on October 4. Hula hoop that is…..
During the 11 a.m. service you’re invited to enter the Pacific Avenue doors, wash your hands, and pick a safe distanced hula hoop to sit in during WOW (Wonders Of Worship). What will we do? Ms. Belinda will lead us in music (instruments not singing). Ms. Jacqui will lead us in a Godly Play Story and Time of Wondering. Other helpers will join us to keep us safe and engaged. A learning activity will be given out that you can make and take home. We’re getting creative. Children 4 through – 5th grades are welcome to experience a variety of worship and Bible stories. Can’t wait to see you and hoop it up in our ‘rings of trust’! You will register using the link on the homepage of our website that you use to register for worship. Registration opens the Monday before and closes Thursday at midnight just like worship does.  Contact Jacqui Horton, Christian Education Director, for more information.