High School (6th – 8th grade) Sunday School: 9:45 am in the 303 Youth Center with teachers; Guy and Gretchen Barnes

Faith Questions studies are based on questions posed by youth. Each session encourages students to look to scripture and faith traditions in relevant and responsive ways. Students will help choose which Faith Questions topics they would like to explore. September begins with the topic of “Politics”. Questions like: Is God a Republican or a Democrat? Is it a sin not to vote? Why do some politicians lie and make bad decisions in their personal lives? and Is it OK or not OK to talk about politics in Church?, will stimulate conversation and faith applications.


Middle School Youth (6th – 8th grade)Sunday School: 9:45 am in the 303 Youth Center with teachers; Stuart Nesbit and Jeff Nelson

Youth will study Feasting on the Word, a curriculum that explores biblical stories that follow the lectionary texts in creative ways.


Confirmation (8th grade) Sunday School: 9:45 am in classroom 213 with Rev. Lyndsey McCall, Director of Youth Ministries and guest speakers

Where is the 303 Youth Center?  Completed in June 2017, our new Youth Center is located across the street from the church office and sanctuary on 36th Street. As you enter, you will find the High School Classroom to your right and the Middle School Classroom to the left.  All are welcome!