The FPC Staff and Christian Education Committee are planning a special celebratory event(s) for the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  As you may recall from your Presbyterian history, the Protestant Reformation begun with Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses (or grievances with the Catholic church) on the Wittenburg Castle Church door Oct. 31, 1517.  Through this call to discuss how to reform the church, Luther helped to launch what’s known as the Protestant Reformation that later developed into the Protestant faith.  500 years later, we continue to celebrate and claim that as Presbyterians we are “reformed and always being reformed.”  In our liturgical calendar, we celebrate annually the Protestant Reformation on the last Sunday of October.  This year, we will celebrate in a big way on the date of (but not limited to) October 29, 2017. 

Hold the date – October 29, 2017

The Christian Education Committee moved that Session authorize the Christian Education Committee to recruit an ad-hoc committee of Sunday school teachers, committee representatives and interested church members to plan special worship, educational opportunities and fellowship events around the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.    

The Staff and CE has come up with numerous ideas but seeks further suggestions and support to make them happen. Anyone who is interested in joining the Task Force should contact Jacqui Horton or Lyndsey McCall for more information.