FPC Property and Maintenance Committee manages the physical plant of the First Presbyterian Church property. Property and Maintenance addresses the ongoing needs of the structures in terms of exterior and interior building construction as well as all operating systems. Exterior wall construction, exterior doors, window systems, exterior millwork, roofs, and lighting, are all maintained underProperty and Maintenance purview. Additionally all interior spaces including ceilings, walls, doors, floor coverings, electrical and HVAC systems are managed. The grounds of FPC run from the southern property line of 3502 Pacific Avenue northward to the northern property line of our surface parking lots. Our property stretched from the Pacific Avenue Right-of-Way line eastward to the Seapines Road Right-of-Way line. Property and Maintenance are responsible for all grounds maintenance within the FPC property as well as enhanced grounds maintenance around the church proper including the Columbarium and Almond Courtyard. FPC is blessed with sound long term relationships with FPC members who are architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, and general contractors who have donated a wealth of services that has allowed FPC to remain well maintained. Property and Maintenance are grateful to these volunteers.

Members of the Maintenance and Property Committee: Billy Almond (Chair), Matt Whalen, John Korte, Bo Ludwig, Marvin Rhodes, Ned Lowery,  Jerry Dexter, George Darden, Clay Beall, Bruce Baxter, Ted Feineis.

Monthly Report to Session, May 2017