Our Mission Statement

Inspired by the grace and truth of Christ, we nurture one another’s faith to do God’s work in the world.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church approved the above statement in May 2016 and affirmed the following ten values to guide the leaders of our church as they prayerfully plan for our congregation’s future.

Values that Reach UP
Bible Teaching
Values that Reach OUT
Ministries that serve the community
Congregational Care
Financial Stewardship
Early Childhood Christian Education


The Session is of a group of church members elected by the congregation to govern the church. Session members, known as Elders, serve for a three year term and meet twice every month.

The Reverend Albert G. Butzer, III, Moderator

Cindy Russell, Clerk

Class of 2017: Nancy Brock, John Finguerra, Allison Grant, Van Reading

Class of 2018: John Brush, Neale Ford, Joe Prueher, Cathy Benton

Class of 2019: Laurie Dawson, Dudley Fulton, Philip Reed, Cindy Russell

Trustees: . Class of 2017 РAnne Bennett, Ned Lowery, Sr. Class of 2018 РLila Davis, Bob Mosby  Class of 2019 РBill Swertfeger, Jane Waters