Lifeline youth ministry is offered to young people currently enrolled in grades 6 – 12.  Middle school youth and Senior highs meet 5:00 – 7:00 most Sundays.  Our program provides opportunities for spiritual growth, service, study, fun, and Christian fellowship. Lifeline ventures out into the community for activities, mission trips, and retreats.  Check out our Lifeline newsletter to get all the details. Questions? Times will change based on activities. Call Lyndsey at 428-6332 x239; or e-mail at revmccalllyndsey@gmail.comlifelinelogo

Lifeline (Evening Youth Ministry)

Lifeline ministries generally meets on Sunday at 5:00pm-7:30pm including dinner.  Please see schedule for events on specific dates.

Middle School (6th-8th grade) Lifeline: 5:00pm in the 303 Youth Center with Youth Advisors; Stuart Nesbit, Amber Keever, Jennifer Nelson, and Emily Lowery

High School (9-12th grade) Lifeline: 5:00pm in the 303 Youth Center with Youth Advisors; Guy & Gretchen Barnes, and John Finguerra

Where is the 303 Youth Center?  Completed in June 2017, our new Youth Center is located across the street from the church office and sanctuary on 36th Street. As you enter, you will find the High School Classroom to your right and the Middle School Classroom to the left.  All are welcome!

303 Youth Center

Youth Ministry Covenant

Christ gave us an example of respect and love for all, because of His example I will create an environment of respect where ever I am.

  • I will respect the youth group program by participating in all lessons, activities and games because I know that everything that has been planned has purpose and meaning in order to bring us closer to God and build relationships with our fellow believers.
  • I will respect the leadership for which God has called to serve as Youth Advisors.  I will listen when they give instruction in order that everyone may have a positive experience. I will stay in the presence of those who are in charge and will not leave the area without permission from an adult.
  • I will respect myself and our youth group by showing Christ like love. Love is patient, love is kind, Love is not jealous, rude, or arrogant. It does not delight in wrong doings but rejoices in the truth.
  • I will respect others and accept all people. I agree to welcome and accept other members of the youth group, as Christ loves and accepts me. I agree to reach out to others, and be open to making new friends. I will take them as they come. Knowing that they may come from a different background than me because this is what Jesus has asked of us. I know that God created us as unique individuals, and I will respect that uniqueness in others.
  • will respect what others have to say by listening when they are talking. I will allow others to speak their ideas and not distract them or take away from their ideas by talking while they are talking.
  • I will respect others with my words. This space is meant to be safe. In order to keep it safe, I will not use profanity or any abusive phrases. I will be particularly careful in my joking that I do not put down another. I will not make-fun of others.
  • I will respect others and I will not gossip about our youth group or others. Our youth group’s definition of gossip is saying anything true or false, or rumor that causes others to lower their opinion of the person being talked about. We are only saying positive and encouraging things about others.
  • I will respect all those to whom we come in contact with outside of the church remembering that we are representing our church, faith and God when we are on trips.  I will respect all those that are less fortunate than us by being extra sensitive and gracious to those whom we help when we serve others.
  • I will respect the community by attending youth group, Sunday school and worship as often as I am able.
  • I will respect the church building because it belongs to all of us. I will clean up messes, respect the property of others and treat this place as I would treat my own home.
  • I will respect the group and turn my cell phone off when the youth activities begin because I know that they can distract me and others from learning more about God.  I will not share any inappropriate pictures, vulgar music or offensive content from social media that would be harmful to any fellow member.
  • I will respect the safe environment of the youth group by promising that I will never bring anything to youth group that isn’t permissible in school. I will also help to keep a safe environment by not being violent and keeping my hands to myself.
  • I will respect other people’s stuff. I will not go through or touch another’s possessions without first asking for their permission.
  • I will respect others in the way that I dress. I understand that dressing modestly is what is expected of me.  “What’s hottest is modest.”
  • I will respect myself and my youth group, by using only appropriate displays of affection if I am in a relationship or interested in someone romantically.  I will “make room for Jesus.” Handholding hands and good bye hugs are appropriate. Kissing, lying on, or too close contact is not appropriate.
  • And I will respect all the other rules outline in the FPC Code of Conduct.

I understand that success in abiding by this covenant will result in a positive group environment and experience. We are here to grow closer to one another. We are here to grow closer to God. We are here to build one another up in the faith. May it be so. Amen.