Can You Find the Library?

– 2nd Floor

– Next to the Director of Youth Ministries office

– Across the hall from rooms 211 & 212 

Located on the second floor — turn left from the elevator and then take two more left turns. Here you will find our collection of more than 3,000 books, reference items, videos & cassette tapes. There is a computer with a searchable card catalog as well as printed lists of all books in both alphabetic order of titles and alphabetic order of author’s names.

Checkout Procedures & Catalog Searches

Signs are posted in the library to assist with the checking out of materials and the operation of the computer catalog.

If you find a book particularly suitable for a specific topic please leave a note for the librarian. Care will be taken to include your suggestion into the computer card catalog so that others searching for specific topics may be better able to match the library offerings with their search criteria.

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Library Committee Members:  Mary Stewart Darden, chair; Gwen Infantino, Margaret Ann Gregory, Anne Lanning, Ellen Matt, Van Reading, Susie Rixey