The Fellowship Ministry seeks to promote and celebrate friendly and meaningful experiences and relationships through planned social events that encourage a sense of community not only within our church but the local community as well.

Advent Dinner

This Ministry plans and organizes events for all ages throughout the year. These events help our members get to know each other better and feel connected to our family of faith. Examples of events include dinners for Maundy Thursday, Advent, Kirk Night, Lenten Studies, special occasions as well as picnics and co-sponsored events such as our annual Valentine’s Day Senior Luncheon.

Sandy, Mary & Trina

We invite you to consider joining this friendly and fun group at any time by contacting either the church office at 757-428-6332. We believe you will find your time with us fulfilling as we serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Senior Valentine’s Luncheon

Currently planning these upcoming events:

  • Rally Day Picnic, September 10, 2017
  • Fall Kirk Night series and dinners celebrating the Reformation this fall
  • Reformation Sunday, October 29, 2017


Fellowship Ministry Volunteers:  Sandy Cowden, chair; Trina Marson, vice-chair; Beth Stoops, Jean Becker, Connie Fulton, Mary Clemons, Pam Rhoades, Nor Olson, Mary Jane Vanderhill, Audrey Wright, Carol Darden, Diane and Jerry Mick, Gail Malmgren, Jane Whitaker, Lou Tazewell, Jane Wilson, Becky Davison, Chung Gleaves, Fran Maragon, Kyle Davila, Mary Jane Vanderhill.

Next Fellowship Ministry Meeting: August 3 at 1pm in Room 212

2017-2018 Fellowship Ministry Calendar

On Sunday, June 11, members of the Fellowship Ministry gathered to create a welcome brunch for our prospective new church members. The prospective new members, their mentors and representatives from the FPC staff attended. The informal setting gave everyone an opportunity to chat and get to know a little about each other. The tables were beautifully decorated with a “work of art” created by Diane Bengele Mick. The menu included two warm muffins – one with egg, broccoli and cheese and the other with sausage, egg and cheese, sliced cantaloupe and fresh strawberries, and a croissant.”

Prospective Members Luncheon

Minutes from June 1, 2017 Meeting:

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mary Clemons, Nor Olsen, Carol Darden, Thomas Spencer, Antoinette Anglin, Sandra Cowden, Session Liaison – Cindy Russell

First, it was so great to have Cindy Russell join our ministry. She will be our Session liaison for the next 3 months. She really stepped in to help with the Pantry Party.

PANTRY PARTY:  Thanks to everyone who was able to come, we completed the dishes inventory and cleaned the pantry in record time! You should drop by and look at the pantry. It looks SO ORGANIZED!

UDATES:  June 11th – New Member’s luncheon following the 9:30 service. Currently we have 8 new members coming.

June 13 – Mary Clemons will represent our committee at Committee Night

July – We will not have a scheduled meeting but are on stand-by to help with the reception for our new Associate Pastor. Beth Stoops and Gretchen Barnes will be directing us.


DATE: AUGUST 3 – VERY IMPORTANT MEETING                                                      TIME:            1:00 pm                        ROOM: 212

We will be planning the majority of the fall schedule including Rally Day, October Kirk Nights and Reformation Sunday. Trina and I will be getting out which meals will represent which country. We just need to plan the meals. We are so fortunate to have such great cooks. So far the countries we are sure of are Germany, France and Scotland. The countries still in question are Switzerland or Spain. It will depend on the speaker.

Here are the dates:

Rally day picnic – Sept 10th

Kirk Nights

October 4

October 11

October 18

October 25

Reformation Sunday – Lunch after church

October 29th

Thanks to all of you for making this a joyful ministry for our church.

Sandy Cowden and  Trina Marson