Are you interested in having your son/daughter go through Confirmation in 2018? Confirmation Class will be held on Sundays at 9:45 a.m., January 7th through April 29th. Confirmation/Youth Sunday will be April 29, 2018. Interested in joining? Contact Rev. Emily Béghin for more information.

Through confirmation, the church renews its commitment to the Christian growth and discipleship of your child. More importantly, your child now has the chance for him/herself to enter into the commitment to the journey of faith that began at their baptism. As the Director of Youth Ministries, I believe confirmation represents one of the most important events in our faith journey. I am confident that the Confirmation process will be a season of growth and deeper commitment for your child.

Confirmation/Youth Sunday

The Class of 2018 will be confirmed on Sunday, April 29, 2018, during our worship service. This will be a poignant and very important moment in the life of your child. Please feel free to invite whomever you would like to join us in worship. It will be a special day!

Confirmation Mentors

Through confirmation your child will have the opportunity to explore his/her faith and ask questions. Part of the confirmation process is to develop a relationship with a long-time member in our congregation who is committed to Christ. At the start of Confirmation, each Confirmand will be asked to pick a “Mentor.” The Confirmand will need to arrange their schedule with this person. The time together is intended for that youth to build a relationship and hear from the mentor on questions about their faith, theology and church history. These questions will be provided during class.

Parent Involvement

As a parent, your encouragement is essential. At their baptism, you promised to guide them into accepting Jesus Christ for themselves and you are the most important person in this process. Each week we will be using Theocademy Confirmation Curriculum that offers fun and unique videos to dive into each subject. These videos will be available to you. I encourage you to watch them and talk to your children about what they have learned.  The FPC ministers welcome parents and guardians to come to them with any theological questions or concerns. In doing so, we hope families will grow together in knowledge and understanding of the Presbyterian faith and tradition.


Confirmation Class will be held on Sundays at 9:45 a.m., January 7th through April 29th. Confirmation/Youth Sunday will be April 29, 2018. If your child has to miss a meeting for any reason they will need to schedule a time to make up the session with the presenter. Illness and other things happen that change schedules, which is certainly understandable. I want this to be a positive experience for everyone and will work with you if “life” happens.

Statement of Faith & Profession of Faith

At the end of our time together, each student will prepare a “Statement of Faith” that will be presented to the church session in order that they may be approved for church membership.  We will spend time with each Confirmand to answer any questions or concerns they have about making a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. While we will do our very best to make it possible for your child to be confirmed, it is important that you and your child take seriously this commitment to the Confirmation process. If your child does not feel ready to take this step by the end of our time together, it is okay. I want it to be their decision and for them to know that they are loved even if they feel they need to wait to take this step.

I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this very important moment in your child’s life. If you’re interested in signing up your child for a future Confirmation Class, please contact Rev. Emily Béghin, Associate Pastor.