The Session (the governing board) appoints committees, task forces, and other entities as needed to carry out its responsibilities. The current structure is:

Admin and Finance:  Stuart Bryant, chair; John Ellis, Zeb Holt, Bud Jewett, Rick Welborn

Personnel:  Ron Stoops, chair; Stacy Fuqua, Bart Dexter, Marcy Sims, Ken Whitehurst 

Christian Education:  Stuart Nesbit, Allison Grant, Jeff Nelson, Susan Contos, Mary Stewart Darden, Annette Conley     Staff: Jacqui Horton, Lyndsey McCall 

Congregational Care:  Kitty Bosher, chair; Susan Carden, Diane Feineis, Judy Voyer, Mary Mosby, Nani Finley, Fran McLean, Martha Simkins, Stacie Frischkorn, Trina Marson, Rowena Merkey, Sandy Cowden.  Visit our Congregational Care page!

Information Technology:  Ed Hurt, chair; Deborah Blanchard, Mike Clemons, Clay Beall 

Worship and Music:  Communion: Carol Crum and Tom Cantwell.  Chrismon Tree: Beth Holt. Lay Readers: Ellen Nesbit.  Flower Guild: Susan Hall.  Music: David Kunkel.

Library:  Mary Stewart Darden, chair; Gwen Infantino, Margaret Ann Gregory, Anne Lanning, Ellen Matt, Van Reading, Susie Rixey. Visit our library page!

Property and Maintenance:  Billy Almond, chair; John Korte, Jerry Dexter, Ned Lowery, Bo Ludwig, Marvin Rhoades, George Darden, Clay Beall, Bruce Baxter, Matt Whalen, Ted Feineis. Visit our page!

Church Treasurer:  Elected by Session:  John Ellis