The Session (the governing board) appoints committees, task forces, and other entities as needed to carry out its responsibilities. The current structure is:

Admin and Finance:  Stuart Bryant, chair; John Ellis, Zeb Holt, Bud Jewett, Rick Welborn

Personnel:  Ron Stoops, chair; Stacy Fuqua, Bart Dexter, Marcy Sims, Ken Whitehurst 

Christian Education:  Howard Jones, Stuart Nesbit, Allison Grant, Jeff Nelson, Susan Contos, Mary Stewart Darden, Annette Conley     Staff: Jacqui Horton, Lyndsey McCall 

Congregational Care:  Kitty Bosher, chair; Susan Carden, Diane Feineis, Margaret Merritt, Judy Voyer, Howard Gill, Nani Finley, Fran McLean, Martha Simkins, Stacie Frischkorn, Trina Marson, Rowena Merkey, Sandy Cowden.  Visit our Congregational Care page!

Information Technology:  Ed Hurt, chair; Deborah Blanchard, Mike Clemons, Clay Beall 

Worship and Music:  Communion: Carol Crum and Tom Cantwell.  Chrismon Tree: Beth Holt. Lay Readers: Ellen Nesbit.  Flower Guild: Susan Hall.  Music: David Kunkel.

Library:  Mary Stewart Darden, chair; Gwen Infantino, Margaret Ann Gregory, Anne Lanning, Ellen Matt, Van Reading, Susie Rixey. Visit our library page!

Property and Maintenance:  Billy Almond, chair; John Korte, Jerry Dexter, Ned Lowery, Bo Ludwig, Marvin Rhoades, George Darden, Clay Beall, Bruce Baxter, Matt Whalen, Ted Feineis. Visit our page!

Church Treasurer:  Elected by Session:  John Ellis