Are you a college student in the area? Join us on the first Sunday of the month for a dutch-brunch and conversation.

Dutch Brunch & Conversation

So that’s …
January 7th
February 4th
March 4th
NO April (Easter Sunday)
May 3rd

January 2-5, 2018 Montreat College Conference in Black Mountain, NC (near Asheville).
The word “Home” has many meanings to people of faith. As young people go to college, study abroad, begin jobs, engage in mission work, and leave their home towns and families of origin, “Home” begins to have new meanings. What makes a place home? What does it mean to leave home? What does it mean to feel like you don’t have a home? As we wrestle with these questions, we look to the past and to Holy Scriptures; as people of faith, with an eye towards a just future and commissioned by God to engage in Kingdom-building, we reflect on those who do not have a home and cry out for justice and mercy. Join us for worship, recreation, fellowship, and study at College Conference 2018 as we build a home of faith together. All are welcome!


FPC College Mission Experience- TBD

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